Inspiration for success


Inspiration for success


Strategic Response Seminar

There are thousands of job opportunities out there, yet a high rate of unemployment. 


  • Did you know that lots of employers are actively looking for employees that can add value to their organization? 
  • Have you been wondering why you have not been able to get your desired job yet? 


To get hired, you need to think outside the box; you need to think like an employer. 


All an employer wants from a new hire , specially with the COVID-19 outbreak, is the ability to add value to all aspects of their business. Value in “The New Normal” includes more than formal education. Value in “The New Normal” is defined as an integration of knowledge, resilience, sustainability, business development strategies and creative sales and marketing skills, all of which are significant factors that lead to an increase of the revenue. 


Today’s employers barely hire candidates with just theoretical knowledge and a certificate! The key to getting hired is having technical expertise and skills. 


Are you asking yourself what value you can add to a business and how? 


The answer is incredibly easy. Join our seminar to find out all about it. 

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This seminar is invaluable for any business who wants to create sustainable strategies that work in the face of uncertainty.
Eric Westreich
Eric WestreichCEO, Pacific Rim Business Council
One of the most important aspects of dealing with the COVID challenges is corporate resilience. We will explore these important aspects in great detail.
Stan Foster, PhD
Stan Foster, PhDVice President, California Miramar University
We will introduce a conceptual framework based on the latest findings applied research and plausible solutions to understand & develop resilient strategies to build a more sustainable future.
Ali Gooyabadi
Ali GooyabadiCAO, California Miramar University
We are here to show you a time-tested yet well-guarded secret way of thinking about your products, services or even commodities to set you apart from your direct and indirect competitors.
Mu Yin
Mu YinCMO, Pacific Rim Business Council
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